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Elevate Your Remote Work Experience:
Explore the Industrious & Passwork Alliance!
Welcome to the future of remote work in Latin America! Industrious and Passwork have joined forces to provide Industrious tenants with unparalleled flexibility and convenience in their workspace options.
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Explore the benefits of our partnership:

Our platform seamlessly integrates Industrious and Passwork services, allowing you to book spaces effortlessly through either portal. Real-time availability and booking data ensure a smooth user experience, making remote work a breeze.

Flexibility: Access a vast network of workspaces across Latin America, empowering you to work wherever you need to be.
Cost-Effectiveness: Enjoy exclusive pricing and deals tailored for Industrious tenants, maximizing your workspace budget.
Convenience: Seamlessly book spaces through our integrated platform, combining the best of Industrious and Passwork systems.
Enhanced Productivity: Work in well-equipped spaces that foster productivity and collaboration, no matter where your journey takes you.

Exclusive Offers Included:

Discounted Rates:

descuentos en coworking

Unlock reduced prices on bookings exclusively available to Industrious tenants.


Special Promotions:

descuentos coworking latam

Benefit from periodic promotions, including free days, upgrades, and complimentary services.


Customized Support:

asesoría coworking

Receive dedicated assistance for booking and managing spaces, tailored to your corporate needs.

Target Audience

If you're a remote worker, a jet-setting professional, or part of an Industrious-affiliated company in search of flexible workspace solutions, look no further. Bid farewell to the headaches of juggling and organizing multiple spaces—we're here to make your life easier.

Language Options

English version available for seamless accessibility to all Industrious tenants across Latin America and beyond.

Location Listings

Explore our interactive maps and listings to discover available workspaces in your desired locations. With direct booking links, securing your next workspace is just a click away.

Authorized Usage

Our clients have permission to use the voice assets produced with the AI voices in their media productions.

Empowering Both Talent and Industry

By commiting to Ethical principles, we enable that both voice talents and indutsry can take advantage of our powerful generative AI technology.

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Spaces designed to promote productivity and collaboration
Our spaces are ready and designed with industry best practices to foster collaboration and enable your teams to reach their full potential.
Flexible memberships for your teams
Empower your teams with flexible memberships in coworking spaces and meeting rooms available in our Latin American locations. We offer flexibility based on your schedules and operational needs.
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